Tour and Travel Booking Form

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Tour and Travel Booking Form TemplateTour and Travel booking form is a piece of paper that you may find in tour operators when you are being asked to commit on one of several travel packages that they offered. When you are interested on taking a vacation to overseas countries or to famous destination within your country, usually you will go to nearest tour operator to find more information about those destination.

For example, you are interested to have West Europe tour, probably you already have cities where you intend to visit. And if you don’t want to explore and organize everything, you might go to specific tour operators that have West Europe travel packages. You should be shown several package options you can select. In those packages, you will see options on visiting cities, attraction, departure dates, and its duration. Once you select one of the package, you will be asked for deposits and you should give them all of travel documents for tickets and visa application process. You will notice in each package options that there are minimum people required to guarantee the travel. If that’s the case, you should be book a place in that package and leave your phone/email to be notified when minimum people requirement is met. It is common in travel industries, you will found this kind of system in smallest tourist attraction, like on operating bus tour for specific attraction etc. 

If you are a tour and travel operator or just starting this business, you can use this Tour and Travel booking form template as a reference to create your own. As you can see in picture above, there are four package options you can put together with payment method option. You can modify this form as needed, put your logo, and print it. You can hand it over to your guests/visitors when they want to commit on one of your tour packages.

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