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Job Description - CashierTalking about cashier job might make you to find in detail about the cashier job description. Of course, all of us have been familiar with the position of cashier, for example when we are doing a monthly grocery shopping, we will find cashiers doing their duties on counting what we buy and receive the payments. That will give is an idea regarding to what is done by a cashier. However, actually, knowing the detailed duties, tasks, and also responsibility of a cashier will help us much to get the more information about a cashier position and job. It will be helpful to ensure yourself that it will be suitable or unsuitable for you. Then, by dealing with the information of the tasks and duties of a cashier, we will be able to create a better resume to apply for the position of cashier. That will help you on creating a better resume then.

In general, the responsibility of a cashier is to receive the payment for products as like good or services. That can be done by itemizing and also totaling the purchases of the customers. Still, it is a good idea for you to know the detail tasks and duties as the part of cashier job description. Here they are, the tasks and duties of a cashier:

  1. Itemizing and totaling the products which are bought by the customers by recording the prices, items of the non-taxable and taxable items, and so on.
  2. Operating the cash register.
  3. Entering or inputting the changes of prices by referring to the promo bulletin and also price sheet.
  4. Operating the authorization system of credit cards.
  5. Verifying the acceptance of credit by recording and reviewing the license number of the driver.
  6. Redeeming the coupons for the discount purchase.
  7. Dealing with the balance cash drawers which can be done by counting the cash there at the end and beginning of the work.
  8. Maintaining the operation of checkout by dealing with the policy and the procedure.
  9. Report the changes which are required.
  10. Giving information of the price when the customers are asking
  11. Collecting the payments from customers by accepting checks, cash, and so on.
  12. Providing the changes for the customers.
  13. Maintaining the working environment to be always clean and also safe, for example by dealing with the regulation, procedure, and rule.

Those are the common tasks and duties which the cashiers need to do. That also becomes the duties that they are responsible to do. On dealing with the duties of cashier job description, cashiers need to have a good customer service skill, counting skill, job knowledge, detail orientation, and many others. Need more item to be written? Or need to modify some of them? Here is Cashier job description template you can download.

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