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Job Description - Customer Service RepresentativeMany people will say that the customer service is the same as the face of a company since they deal will customers all the time and act as a bridge that connects the customers and the company. The main duties of a customer service is to handle complaints by the customers, process customer’s order, and finally, provide information about the company and the products or services given by the company. Some people say customer service representative job description is very mundane and tedious since they have to deal with customer’s complaints.

However, the customer service representatives are very important for the company to know what their customers really want and to find out their opinion about the products or services they provide. Here is a list of the duties performed by a customer service representative.

  1. Listen to customer complaints, questions, and suggestions via email, phone, social media, or even the live chat features in the company’s website.
  2. Give response, answers, and solutions to the complaints given by the customers.
  3. Give information about the product and services the company provides.
  4. For those companies that has official websites and require an account for customers to use the website, it is the customer’s service job to reach out to customers and verify their account information by phone.
  5. Assist customers when they place orders, calculate order charges, process payments or billings, and assist product exchange.
  6. Review, make changes, and upgrade customer accounts.
  7. Handle complaints and returns from customers.
  8. Records the details of contacts made by customers and actions taken to complete the request.
  9. Review and correct the standard responses of answers or solutions given to customers.
  10. Direct customers to their supervisors or more experienced employees when they can’t handle the problems.

These are all the general things a customer service representative of a company has to do on a daily basis. The specific duties of a customer service will depend on what industry the company is operating in. For example, customer service who works in a retail store will be dealing with customers purchasing goods every day. They deal with goods orders, returns, cash refunds, as well as help customers find the things they want to buy. As for the working environment, a customer service representative works mainly in an office setting with other customer service representatives. This can results in some of the workers felt pressured when they have to work in a room full of people and have to deal with customers all day long.

Still, if you think there are more duties and responsibilities that needs to be put in it, you can download and complete pre-made customer service representative job description in the template below.

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