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Job Description - HousekeeperHousekeeper can be employed whether in commercial environment or in a private residence. The duties that are performed by housekeeper may vary depend on the type of employment environment. However, the basic skills that are required to perform these tasks remain the same. The basic tasks of a housekeeper also remain the same whether the housekeeper works in a hotel or a house. The general purpose of a housekeeper is to maintain a comfortable, clean, tidy, and sanitary environment for either commercial establishments or private households.

There are several experiences and knowledge that are required to perform duties as a housekeeper such as knowledge of sanitation products, knowledge of sensitive materials cleaning methods, knowledge of operating and using cleaning equipment, mobility and physical stamina, and abilities to pull, push, and lift any required load. The duties that are performed by a housekeeper also requires several key competencies such as customer focus, attention to details, reliability, adaptability, listening skills, team work, honesty, integrity, high energy levels, and planning and organizing.

Below is the list of the basic duties that are performed by a housekeeper.

  1. Sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, and polishing floors.
  2. Cleaning carpets, draperies, and rugs using vacuum cleaner.
  3. Shampooing upholstery, rugs, and carpets.
  4. Dusting and polishing fittings and furniture.
  5. Cleaning metal fittings and fixtures.
  6. Cleaning and emptying trash containers.
  7. Disposing trash in sanitary manner.
  8. Cleaning mirrors, tubs, wash basins, and showers.
  9. Wiping down glass surfaces.
  10. Changing linens and making up beds as required.
  11. Tidying up rooms.
  12. Washing windows based on schedules.
  13. Sorting, washing, loading, and unloading the laundry.
  14. Ironing and pressing linens and clothing.
  15. Sorting, folding, and putting away clean laundry.
  16. Operating mechanized cleaning equipment.
  17. Maintaining all cleaning materials and equipment in a sanitary and safe working condition.
  18. Monitoring and reporting necessary domestic replacements and repairs.

In addition to above basic duties, housekeeper who are employed in private residence may perform additional duties as listed below.

  1. Checking and purchasing household supplies and groceries.
  2. Planning and cooking meals for employer.
  3. Caring for household pets.
  4. Polishing silverware.
  5. Cleaning appliances.
  6. Answering telephones and taking messages.
  7. Taking care of the children.
  8. Washing dishes and cleaning kitchen based on the agreed hygiene standards.

Housekeeper who works in a hotel or other similar environment may perform additional duties as listed below.

  1. Cleaning corridors, stairways, elevators, lobbies, guest rooms, and lounges.
  2. Organizing work schedule.
  3. Distributing linens, room supplies, and towels.
  4. Replacing dirty linens with the clean ones.
  5. Inspecting and turning mattresses regularly.
  6. Responding to guest requests and queries.

It could be plenty of job description variation based on the company or the place where a housekeeper is working. It should be better if you write your main duties and responsibilities, you can use the Microsoft Word file below, in order to make sure that you are doing correct ones.

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