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Job Description - Human Resources ManagerHuman resources manager is one of the most essential positions in a company. If you want to apply a job as human resources manager, you might need to know job responsibilities and job description of this position first. The job responsibilities of a human resources manager are including maintaining and enhancing the human resources in an organization through planning, implementation, and evaluating the relations between employees and human resources policies, practices, and programs.

There are several qualifications and skills that are required from a person who wants to apply for the position of human resources management. These qualifications and skills are including hiring, benefits administration, human resources management, performance management, wage and compensation structure, communication process, classifying employees, supports diversity, organization, employment law, and law against sexual harassment.

Below are detailed list about the basic tasks that are performed by a human resources manager.

  1. Maintaining work structure through updating job descriptions and job requirements for all positions in a company or organization.
  2. Maintaining organization staffs through establishing testing, recruiting, and interviewing programs, analyzing and conducting exit interviews, counseling managers about candidate selection, and recommending changes.
  3. Preparing employees for assignments through conducting and establishing training programs and orientation.
  4. Maintaining salary payment plan through conducting salary surveys that are done periodically, conducting and scheduling job evaluations, scheduling and monitoring individual pay actions, preparing pay budgets, planning, recommending, and implementing the revisions of payment structure.
  5. Ensuing planning, appraisal, and monitoring of the employees work results through scheduling management conferences, training managers to discipline and coach employees, resolving and hearing employees grievances, and counseling supervisors and employees.
  6. Maintaining employee benefits program and informing employees of the benefits through assessing and studying benefits trends and needs, recommending suitable benefits program to the management, directing the handling of benefits claims, evaluating and obtaining benefits contract bids, presenting benefits contract, conducting and designing educational programs that are related to benefits programs.
  7. Ensuring legal compliance through implementing and monitoring applicable state and federal requirements of human resources, conducting investigations, representing the organization at any hearings, and maintaining records.
  8. Maintaining management guidelines through updating, preparing, and recommending procedures and policies about human resources.
  9. Maintaining historical records of human resources through designing retrieval and filling system and keeping current and past records.
  10. Maintaining technical and professional knowledge through reviewing professional publications, attending educational workshops, establishing personal networks, and participating in any professional societies.
  11. Completing operational requirements of human resources through assigning and scheduling employees and following up the results of the works.
  12. Maintaining the staffs of human resources through selecting, orienting, recruiting, and training employees.
  13. Maintaining the results of the jobs that are performed by the staffs of human resources through disciplining and counseling employees, monitoring, planning, and appraising the results of the job.
  14. Contributing in team through accomplishing the required related results.

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