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Job Description - Loan OfficerLoan officer is a bank officer (usually employees of the staff) who handles the affairs related to fund raising activities or the provision of credit. Due loan officer duties are directly related to marketing activities, often used terms such as marketing officer or staff marketing. Account officer who handles credit often called loan officer. Loan officer or serving customers typically handle certain fixed within a certain period. Thus the respective know the needs or character or special things to note about the accounts of certain clients.

Task loan officer is doing the marketing of credit (according to the credit policy of banks or financial institution concerned), then do a credit analysis, in order to make a decision as to whether the loan application submitted by the prospective debtor or the debtor (also request for an additional credit facility) feasible or financed.

The first thing that can be done by a loan officer is how it can look carefully the conditions, character and prospect business debtors and able to do analysis of the financial statements of the debtor, so that he can assess debtors skill to repay their loans, the ability to compete, financial condition, excellence debtor risk specific risk that is faced by the industry, barriers to entry, and others. Loan officer in charge is responsible for the administration and loan portfolio.

The following are job description of loan officer in the companies:

  1. Manage credit begin enrollment
  2. Receiving registration or credit application
  3. Analyzing and evaluating a credit application
  4. Prepare and conduct credit realization (assisted by credit administration section)
  5. Keep an eye on the credit portfolio (residual credits, arrears, and defaults)
  6. Maintain and save the documents including collateral (assisted by credit administration section)
  7. Overseeing the performance and classifying credit and resolving problem loans (assisted by credit repair team portfolio)
  8. Looking for mortgage borrowers from existing and new customers
  9. Proactively seek to acquire new prospective borrowers and referral, including engaging in marketing and promotional activities that are carried out in order to see the developer partner bank product sales opportunities
  10. Receive an application form and other supporting documents for the preparation of the credit proposal
  11. Optimize business opportunities by offering bank product such as cash management, trade, credit cards, bank assurance, and many others.
  12. Ensuring credit process on credit works units initiation run well and complete the requirements and documentation that needed
  13. Proactively update themselves on the new provisions and improve skills and competence through self development activities.

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