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Job Description - Machine OperatorMachine operator, also known as tool and die makers or simply machinists, is people whose work revolves around intricate machinery from installation to operation. This is a job that requires patience and technical skills. Machine operators will be required to work with various machinery, ranging from equipment controlled by computers to mechanical-based machinery to ensure that everything is working in order.

Furthermore, machine operators also need to periodically conduct maintenance on their machines and make sure all of the equipment are provided with necessary materials, so they can work at its fullest capacity. The work of machine operators can be either specific or very general. Some machine operators specialize on one complex field while others can work on various machines. They are mechanics, fabricators, builders, quality checkers, and craftsmen all at once.

Here are the brief rundown of machine operator’s duties and responsibilities:

  1. Setting up machines
  2. Providing necessary parts for the machines
  3. Ensuring that the machine got every parts and components it needs
  4. Conducting machine maintenance on regular basis
  5. Assuring the quality of the machine’s capacity and capability
  6. Willingness to work in team
  7. Keeping track of scrapped units and errors encountered

As explained earlier, the work of a machine operator can be either specific or broad. The same thing also applies to their expertise of skills. Some operators are only responsible for fixing or installing one part or one function, while some others are responsible for various equipment and a wide range of technical steps. Since there is a dangerous risk of working too close with big machines cleanliness, and safety are two important factors that should present in machine operator’s workplaces.

The requirements of production line often demands machine operators to work in group, which is why in this line of work, maintaining teamwork is extremely important. They measure and look over each and every part using precise tools to ensure that particular parts can fulfill both established standards of quality and cosmetics. When machine’ parts have passed careful inspections, these parts will go to the production phase.

The work of machine operators requires them to meet the expected quotas of production. The level of required documentation will vary depending on the precision degree necessary for the end product. Keeping track of progress is important in this field of work, because machine operators need to know how much units are scrapped and how much goes for the production phase. Machine operators also need to keep track of errors they found during their work, to help making their overall work much easier.

That being said, there are several job skills that an aspiring machine operators should have:

  • Math skills: Good mathematics skills will be extremely helpful for machine operators because their work requires complex understanding on technical matters. They also need to understand the schematic workings of machines as well as making sure all of the components are built and designed correctly.
  • Problem-solving: Naturally, machine operators will encounter a lot of technical problems along the way, and that is why this is a necessary skill to have
  • Precision and an eye for details: Everything in machine-related work needs to be precise for it to work. A mistake by a mere millimeter can be fatal.
  • Technical and Mechanical skills: As explained earlier, some machine operators are required to work with computers, while some other are purely mechanical. This is why it is important for machine operator to master both skills in the long run.
  • Having a high stamina: Due to the strenuous nature of the work, it is important for machine operators to maintain a high stamina to work for long hours and doing repetitive task.
  • Good analytical skills: It is important for machine operators to understand blueprints, models, schematics and other machine-related specifications when they read it.

You can get a copy of this job description as well as other general duties and responsibilities of a machine operator in this Microsoft Word template below.

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