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Job Description - Marketing ManagerWhen it comes to marketing manager work, many people assume that it will be related to sales. While it is not wrong, it is not the only work that a marketing manager should do. Every business often needs the help of a marketing manager. After all, marketing manager’s work are crucial in the long-term development of the business itself. These are some of the responsibilities and duties of a marketing manager:

  1. Marketing manager needs to accomplish the developmental activities relevant to the business they work for.
  2. Developing and researching marketing plans and opportunities.
  3. Incorporating sales plans.
  4. Managing their staff.
  5. Accomplishing both human resources and marketing/sales objectives by recruiting, choosing, briefing, training, assigning, and supporting their employees.
  6. Communicating work expectations that involve planning, implementing plans, monitoring, and reviewing.
  7. Enforcing procedures and established policies among employees.
  8. Achieving sales and marketing objectives by contributing sales and marketing information alongside contributions to strategic reviews and plans.
  9. Fulfilling financial and marketing objectives by predicting requirements; annually preparing budget, scheduling expenses, analyzing necessities and its variants, as well as initiating all the necessary course of action if correction needs to be done.
  10. Determining gross-profit and annual plans but predicting and devising yearly sales quotas that are deemed necessary for business growth.
  11. Implementing various sales strategies to further increase the growth of a business by careful planning, devising, improving, implementing, and reviewing advertising, promotional programs, and merchandising,
  12. Analyzing the needs of the market and devising the right plan to seize the right business opportunity
  13. Protecting the value of the organization by keeping all info confidential.
  14. Participating in various educational and learning opportunities to update experiences and knowledge related to work field.
  15. Accomplishing organizational and marketing goals by completing relevant results as necessary.

If you are interested in participating in this field, then it is necessary to know what job skills and work qualifications required. The following are some of the skill qualifications that you need to have to become one:

  • Marketing skills and good understanding on its concepts
  • Job positioning skills
  • Financial management skills
  • Financial strategic skills
  • Marketing segmentation skills
  • People management skills
  • Sales planning skills
  • Creative business skills

As for educational requirement, a marketing manager usually underwent business or marketing study, with a bachelor’s degree in either of them. However, some marketing manager with a master’s degree and experiences in brand management, advertising, or sales marketing in general under their belt might be more preferable in some cases. Joining marketing association such as American Marketing Association might also increase the work prospects of a marketing manager.

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