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Secretary Job Description TemplateMany people have always thought that the most important thing to have to become a secretary is a good appearance. In fact, the job is not to please the people who come to one company. But it is always more complex than that. A secretary is like a right hand of boss. Then when it comes to boss, everything needs to be done perfectly. Thus, a term secretary is being more complicated than being a beautiful person he or she is.

What are then the job descriptions? A Secretary’s job is to help her or his boss to do daily activities, whether it is the routine one or the exclusive and specific one. Routine task is the one that is usually done by a secretary without waiting for a command of leader. Meanwhile, a specific or exclusive task is the one that has been commanded by leader to Secretary to do one particular problem and use her or his ability and knowledge to handle it.

Being a Secretary means being a multi talent person. The tasks are various. They include:

  1. A Secretary’s job is to filter any kind of information from anywhere for the sake of their leader. And also, she or he also needs to do the daily jobs and functions, as well as their responsibilities.
  2. To set the company activity, starting from administration to human relations or HR.
  3. Then, to be a bridge between parties that will be connected to leaders.
  4. To be a mediator between leader and employees.
  5. To give ideas as alternative ways from leader’s thoughts or ideas,
  6. The last one is to hold a top secret of leaders related to company. fun fact; probably that is why she or he is called secretary.

Besides those six duties, there are basically three main duties a Secretary will have to do.

  1. Routine task: this includes mailings, typing, filling, welcoming guests, phones, telegrams, and saving important archives.
  2. Instruction Task: this includes making schedule meeting and appointment with relation or colleague, making sure that every preparation for company’s meeting is done perfectly.
  3. Creative Task: this creative task includes all kind of documentation, setting leader’s room, preparing the speeches and presentations, sending greetings to all relatives, clients, as well as important colleagues.

As you may have seen above, a secretary is almost like a leader, because basically she or he will do everything that the leader will do in the future related to company. Thus, an open minded and fast-learner personality is highly required. Anyway, your current secretary job description could be totally different from all those written tasks above. You can use a job description template below if you want to start creating your own.

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