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Job Description - Social WorkerSocial worker is a person who works in an area of expertise that has the responsibility to improve and develop the interaction between the person and group of people in the social environment. So the social worker has the ability to perform the duties of life, overcome difficulties and realize the aspiration and values of the society. The social worker is a profession to help people which the main purpose is helping the social function of individuals, families, and communities in implementing their social roles.

A social worker has asset of knowledge, skills, and values of helping each other. A professional social worker is a person who performs the role of social worker in the different segment, both the community of the social worker itself in the realm of industry and in the health field. The activities of a social worker is all about planning, phasing, making methods, approaching, and many more that are used as a basic of scientific principles, and the activities must be accounted for.

There are many responsibilities of a social worker, they :

  1. Need to maintain and develop the values the ethics, knowledge, and the mission.
  2. Should protect and promote the dignity and the integrity of the profession and it must be held accountable and promoting the discussion.
  3. Must use the proper channels in doing the right action to face the unethical behavior in the society.
  4. Should act to prevent the practical of social work which is irresponsible.
  5. Must provide the social service to the public.
  6. Must have the commitment and develop the skill to improve the respect for the integrity and professional competence of the social work.
  7. Must establish and develop the legislation and implementation of social policies.
  8. Must be oriented to the need and the community participation.
  9. Have responsibility to identify, develop, and take the benefit of the knowledge and the skill in practical ways.

Basically, in the practical way, a social worker has an ethical responsibility to the social worker profession. The ethical responsibility of the social worker is maintaining and enhancing the knowledge of ethical values and the mission of this profession. Besides, a social worker must improve the integrity and dignity as well as responsible and discussion with the people surrounded. Different area require different skill and knowledge. You can use this template below to write your current job description that might be more specific than what have been written above or more broader.

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