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Job Description - TeacherTeacher is closely related to someone who provides education for students. Teachers’ roles are considered formal and continuing. They most likely work at school or other educational institutions. Those who want to be a teacher need to earn Bachelor Degree in education or other professional qualifications from university or other high educational institutions. It may cover various kind of study in educational field such as pedagogy, classroom management, curriculum design, and many others. Similar with other professionals, teacher also can continue their study on educational field in order to master in more specific area in education. Teacher needs to remain update with the development occurs in education world especially in teaching area since the teaching sources, methods, and national objectives in education keep developing day by day.

By keeping up-to-date with the development in education world, you can decide the right teaching methods that are most suitable with the condition of the class and students. Teacher also needs to build good networking with parents and other education professionals. Teacher need to create a supportive learning environment in the class so that students can enjoy while they are learning. They also need to make sure that all the lesson plans are created based on national education objectives.

The job description of a teacher involves:

  1. Identify the clarity of teaching objectives and divide how they will be delivered in the teaching process
  2. Crete assignments that can interest and challenge the students
  3. Create comfortable and interesting learning environment
  4. Make clear targets related to the lesson that need to be achieved by each student
  5. Know the characteristic of the students so that they can handle the class well
  6. Provide apparent structures for the lesson as well as decide the right methods of teaching that can motivate the students
  7. Make sure to use teaching methods which are not only effective but also efficient
  8. Allocate the time for regular assessment in the class
  9. Maintain discipline behaviour that may not suitable with the school of order. They are commonly associated with punctuality, they ways of behaving with teacher, doing assignment and homework, and so forth
  10. Make sure that students are understand about the lesson taught and acquire knowledge and skills need to be achieved
  11. Help and supervise students works and discussion
  12. Evaluate their ways in teaching as well as teaching methods used so that they can improve the effectiveness in teaching

Some of them might suit your current job description while some of them might not. You can modify this job description according to your needs as teacher. There is a Microsoft Word template below you can use to speed your task up.

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