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Job Description - VeterinarianVeterinarian happens to be a licensed health professional or a physician, it also similar with a doctor but they only specialize to diagnose and treat animals. Types of animal that can be treated by veterinarian are various. It may include companion pet, production animal, or even animal which are protected in the zoo or sanctuary. Actually, the responsibility to take care of animals does not only lay on the veterinarian but also the owners of the animal themselves. They need to take care of their pet well so that it avoids the pet to suffer from any type of disease or prevent the disease to spread on human.

Veterinarian does not only treat animal injuries but are also available for to do regular examination for pet or animals. Most of veterinarians work either in animal clinic or animal hospital. Hence, the pet owners need to bring their pet either to clinic or hospital to get it treated. However, there are also a number of veterinarians who practice in their home and they are available to come to people’s house in order to give healthcare treatments for their animals. Those who want to work as veterinarians’ most likely need to have veterinary education or earn Bachelor Degree in science field such as animal science or zoology.

Here, the list of job description of a veterinarian:

  1. Make diagnosis and give proper healthcare treatments related to illnesses or injuries obtained
  2. Wrap animal wounds
  3. Give preventive treatments to animal from particular disease
  4. Hold surgical operations to animal with severe injuries
  5. Give vaccination to animals in order to prevent them from any type of infection
  6. Give proper treatment to animals suffering from fractures
  7. Master to use wide variety of medical equipment to treat animals like urinalysis, X-ray machine, and CT-scan
  8. Provide education for the animal owners related to animal behavior, types of animal meals, the impact of bad weather on animals, and so forth
  9. Provide consultation for animal owner whose animal is in the middle of recovery from any kind of sickness or injury
  10. Jot down the right prescription for ill animals
  11. Do any research related to animal diseases which become an issue so that they can give solution either for prevention or treatment for associated disease
  12. Do research that can help them to discover to protect human that might be spread by animals

You kindly can add or remove any point in this job description to create the perfect one which suit your needs using Veterinarian Job Description template in Microsoft Word below.

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