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Waitress Job Description TemplateWaitress refers to a server of foods and beverages you most likely seen at restaurant or cafe. Waitress is used to name a female server. There is also male server who is well-known as waiter. The jobs of waitress are not really different from waiter which is to take order from the clients and deliver the order to the kitchen so that the chef can make it. After the order is done, they deliver it to the clients based on the number of the table which make the order. Since waitress is doing works which connect her with public they need to develop good communication skills with the clients so that they will feel comfortable and welcoming to come. For instance, they should greet the clients, be friendly with them, and also serve them in good manner.

Waitress works is not only associated directly to the public but also with other staffs in the restaurant. Hence, they need to have good communication with other waitresses and waiters, chefs, and the supervisor. Another skill that needs to own by waitress is handling moving objects since she will deal with various kinds of eating equipment.

Alongside with those skills, there are several job descriptions that need to be done by waitress which may include:

  1. Welcome the clients and guide them to take tables
  2. Explain the menu items which are available and give clients information about the special menu of the restaurant
  3. Take orders from clients for any type of food and drink
  4. Jot down the order of clients onto the slips and memorize the order well in case any order which forget to be written
  5. Enter the order into the computers if the restaurant or café use technology to help the works or just transmit the order into the kitchen if it uses manual
  6. If the café or restaurant include any alcoholic drinks on its list of menu, it is the job of waitress to check clients’’ identification whether they fulfill the minimum age criteria to consume that kind of drink or not
  7. Serve both foods and drinks to the clients’ table as well as prepare and serve the special order from clients as needed.
  8. Communicate with clients in order to make sure that they are pleasing with the meals and take charge quickly to overcome any problem related to the servings
  9. Collect payments from the clients

You can download Waitress job description template written in Microsoft Word below to start modifying its content to meet your current job description.

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