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Job Description - Warehouse ManagerWhen it comes to warehouse manager, then it will directly refer to someone who has responsibility to manage the movement and loads of materials in the warehouse. It may include various kinds of transactions such as accepting, shipping, moving, and selecting. Someone who has occupation as warehouse manager plays important role associated with supply of materials in the warehouse as well. He also needs to determine the most efficient invoice, storage, and report of various products which may include foods, apparels, healthcare products and pharmaceuticals, industrial parts, or household materials. Not only responsible for the products, he also needs to manage the staffs and systems so that it can achieve the targets.

The works of manager in the warehouse can be determined by the size of the operation. When it comes to big operation, manager’s roles are more strategic. The works would be related with the planning, coordination and issues such as supervising the employee. However, in small operation, manager’s role would be more practical so that he may include helping the staffs on their works.

Here, a number of more specific job descriptions that a warehouse manager needs to do:

  1. Building good communication and network with customers, suppliers, and transport partnerships
  2. Arranging, coordinating, and supervising the invoice, make a chance and report of products
  3. Ensuring the efficiency associated with the use of space and equipment in the warehouse as well as convincing that the quality, financial, and environment of production meet the requirements of the products.
  4. Knowing really well about the policies and vision implemented in the company and ensure that warehouse activities are suitable with them
  5. Giving respond to customers which require more detail information about the products through email or phone
  6. Ensuring that the control system in the warehouse applies the up-to-date version and making sure that all the inventories are kept as accurate as possible.
  7. Deciding the right plan related to the next capacity criteria
  8. Taking charge in holding the recruitment and training for warehouse staff as well as monitoring and supervising their works and achievement
  9. Motivating, triggering, and organizing teamwork under the workforce in order to achieve the goals which have been targeted
  10. Making systematic reports and statistics on daily, weekly, and monthly form so that it will be easier to make an evaluation
  11. Briefing all the team leaders every day before start the works

There are plenty more of unwritten job description. You can download Warehouse Job Description template below and start removing unsuitable job and add new ones.

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