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Cover Letter - ArchitectAn architect is often misunderstood as a person who draws buildings. This job is more than that. An architect is an expert in the field of architecture. Designing buildings is not the only job that this title has. As a matter of fact, a person with this job is involved in planning, designing, and supervising the construction of a building. There are many things required to be an architect. Some of them are a problem solver, creative thinker, being great at math, and many more.

As you can see, this job is much wider than we thought all this time. For those who would like to apply for it, you certainly need something good to write on your cover letter. To help you out, try to take a look at the example of architect cover letter below.

Dear Sir,

According to the job application I found on Daily News dated on 25 November 2015, your company is hiring an architect. I am very excited to take that opportunity.

With my degree in architecture as well as working experiences, I am confident to inform that I have all qualifications you require for this job. I have some experiences after working with T&T Architects for about four years. Ever since I worked with this company, I have run a number of constructing projects. I have written them in my CV. I am capable of operating a number of software like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Auto CAD 2D, freehand sketch, Ms. Word, Excel, Power Point, and sketch up. Additionally, I have a great skill in communicating, planning, and problem solving. If I am hired to your company, I will be glad to learn new things to become more developed and motivated.

I appreciate for your time toward my application. I will be pleased to be given a chance for an interview to discuss about myself with you in person. Please feel free to arrange the time of it.


In writing an architect cover letter, we have to make sure most important information about us have been included there. The content must be about things that can interest the company. We have one tip to give for you about it. That is not to write too many things there. The company possibly will not have the intention to read it. All in all, just keep it simple yet still informative. You can copy the letter above or you can download the architect cover letter template in Microsoft Word version below.

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