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Cover Letter Template - BaristaBarista is seemed to be a job that is quite promising in these days. This is title for people who makes coffee and serve it to customers. Sometimes this job is often paired with waiters. Yet, barista must have a skill that cannot be done by only a waiter. It is creating a taste or sensation from a cup of coffee. Hence, people who do this job are required to have a good sense of taste and skill in picking coffee beans.

If you want to get this job, you might want to hear a few tips about the cover letter. Before that, let’s take a look at the barista cover letter below first.

Dear Mr. John,

Reading the posting on your company’s website on November 29, I learn that the position of a barista is available now. I want to inform that I would like to be considered as a candidate for the position.

I have earned my certification from The United Barista and Coffee School. From this school, I have learned everything about coffee. That includes tasting coffee, selecting coffee beans, and bringing the real taste of a coffee. I also have a good communication skill, which is useful in team work as well as customer service. Additionally, I can offer you my skill in latte art where I can do various shapes. I also have juggling skill which may attract more customers. As matter of fact, I even managed to win a barista competition with that ability.

Thank you for your time to review my application. I will be glad to be able to work in your coffee shop. Please do feel free to set a schedule for our interview.


Now let’s elaborate it one by one. On the first paragraph, we tell them where we get the info about the job application. Inform them that we would like to fill the position. The second paragraph is the most important part. We start to explain about ourselves, including skill and knowledge. In this case, we can tell them how good we are in tasting coffee or choosing coffee beans. If you have educational history about coffee, then add it too. It will make you to be a more promising candidate. We can also put a data like winning a competition related to coffee. It will be your additional point. All in all, just write everything that can increase your character on the barista cover letter.

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