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Cover Letter Template - ClerkshipClerkship is a working experience program that is commonly had by law students on holiday. The law students should have this working experience in law firms. Clerkship will give opportunity to law students to test their career in the law field as interested. Besides, the working experience will also open a larger opportunity to be recruited by the law firms as their full-time lawyers.

Those who are in the second last year of law bachelor or jury doctor degree are characteristically qualified to apply the clerkship programs. A few law firms accept the applications of students with less than 2-4 semesters remained. However, some firms may require differently. You may be acceptable in other state’s firms but make sure that you are eligible to the requirements. Consult the firm and check your visa restrictions before sending your applications to international firms. To get an idea on how to write a clerkship cover letter, a sample below may become your reference.

Dear Sir,

I am a student in the last two year at the Minnesota Law School, and I am writing this application for the clerkship program in your firm for the 2015-2016 term. I am especially interested in clerking for the Minnesota District Court because I am this state origin and expect to practice my civil litigation skill and knowledge here. I have improved my research and skills of writing as a judicial externship in the District Court of Minnesota. With the experiences and my typical ethic of working, I am ready to have great challenges of a clerkship of federal judicial.

As long as my judicial externship, I studied decisions of the district court and escalate the challenges faced by trial judges about different facts in the case and the right outcome underneath the name of law. As a judicial clerk in your law firm, I will improve greater exposure about the issues as well as giving my important works to assist you in the works as federal judge.

Here I enclosed my writing sample, transcript and resume. Additionally, I also have some recommendation letters written by my professor to enclose my application.  I will wait for your call to ask me some questions. Thank you very much about your consideration and I look forward for the next step of interview.


The sample above can be found in Microsoft Word cover letter template below and it is flexible to edit and add some more information about your experiences, skills, and capabilities.

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