Information Technology Manager Cover Letter

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IT Manager Cover Letter TemplateThis is an Information Technology (IT) Cover Letter sample that you can use as a reference for your own letter. You will need a cover letter when you plan to submit resume, certificates and other documents to new employer who open a vacant position for Information Technology Manager.

Dear Sir,

I am here writing to apply for IT Manager position as noticed in your company’ job vacancy. My educational background is on Information Technology, the one which I am sure will be proper for the job you offer. I have got my bachelor degree almost three years ago and now I am still on my way to get my master degree on the same field.

Moreover, I have also gained three years experiences in IT job field; through which I have got a lot of valuable experiences which develop my skill and ability. I am a creative personage, eager to learn something new, and able to work under pressure even without supervision. I am confident with my IT skill, and hopefully I can make significant contribution for your company.

I am really enthusiastic to have more detailed discussion about the position I apply for. You can contact me at (999) 333-0000. I am looking forward to hearing further info from you.


You can download the Microsoft Word version below.

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