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Cover Letter Template - InternshipAn internship can be defined as a temporary position. So, it is like a OJT or on the job training. Internship is not an employment but sometimes it is paid as well. Internship program is great for you to prepare yourself better before going to the real job. Many companies are willingly accepting interns to work in their companies. If you are interested in getting an internship program, below is the example of internship cover letter for you.

Dear Sir,

I am aware that Golden Shell Company has an outstanding reputation and it will be my dream to work in Golden Shell Company. I read a few days ago that Golden Shell Company opened a human resources internship program. I really like to participate in the program since I know Golden Shell Company is one of the biggest software developer companies in the world. I am an undergraduate student with Human Resources Management major. I am going to graduate in April 2015.

I think I am just perfect for the internship position because I meet all the requirements for the position. I am also great in doing relationship building and leadership. I am also excellent in establishing communication. Below is my highlight:
• Communication Skills: Public speaker in Human Resources Workshop started from 2011 to today.
• Relationship Building and Leadership: Providing networking program and mentoring program for fellow Human Resources Management students.
• Academic Excellence: GPA: 3.7. I am also the head of Student Council in Higgenville College, CA.

I have finished my study and expected to graduate soon. I look forward to learn about the actual job of Human Resource in your company. I wish that I can be accepted in your internship program since I know Golden Shell Company is going to give me the exact experience that I need.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I believe that I can be a valuable asset for the Golden Shell Company if I have the privilege to get the internship program.


This sample can be your inspiration to write your own cover letter. Do not copy the letter above as it is because you need to write your own experience and abilities so that the company will accept your application.

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