Invoice Letterhead

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SD1 Style Letterhead Blank InvoiceYou can use SD1 style letterhead model for your invoice letterhead. This is just a letterhead with invoice word written in it.  You can print this letterhead first, prepare your invoices in blank Microsoft Word file (without header) and use this invoice letterhead as your printed paper. You can set top margin to fit this template so your printed data won’t overlay this letter head. Remember to replace dummy company logo as well as to replace company address in bottom bar with your own. You can change background colors on those background images and add other designs to differentiate your company invoice papers with others.

  Blank Invoice - SD1 Letterhead (62.0 KiB, 3,683 hits)

SD4 Style Letterhead Blank Invoice

This is another sample of SD4 style letterhead implementation that can be used for your invoice papers. There is no company information in the header of the letterhead. You can use the footer letterhead to put all of your company information. To change the “invoice” title, double click the header and you can change with your own word. There are still plenty of letterhead you can browse in this site where you can use for your invoice files.

You might find these templates are useful if you are not producing many invoices in a month. You can save your expenses for ordering printed papers by printing invoices when you need it.

  Blank Invoice - SD4 Letterhead (25.0 KiB, 1,507 hits)

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