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Drink Menu

steve   September 25, 2011  

Drink Menu Template for WordSometimes, it is easier to explain the drink menu you have in your restaurant with pictures instead of with plain words. And if you are a restaurant owner, a drink menu with pictures could be looked more attractive to your guests. And it should increase your drink orders.

This is a menu template that you can use to accommodate a drink menu with picture. You can use it to accompany your main food menu or as a single drink menu, if you only provide drinks in your restaurant/cafe. There are sample pictures inside. You can delete it and put your drink pictures by using insert menu in microsoft word ribbon. Type menu name, description and price in the cells below related picture. There 3 kinds of menu template that you can download and modify. You can modify its background and font color. And you can adjust its table properties and add your restaurant/cafe name in header part of this template.

  Drink Menu - Five Columns - Letter Size (42.9 KiB, 1,177 hits)

  Drink Menu - Five Columns (45.5 KiB, 873 hits)

  Drink Menu - Three Columns (43.5 KiB, 1,302 hits)