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Kids Menu Template for WordIf you plan to open a restaurant that focus on kids meal, you should consider to have a menu that display most of your foods and drinks instead of a traditional menu that list it in writing. Kids are impatient when they go to the restaurant. Sometimes they don’t understand what kind of food they want to order by reading the menu. And it is very easy for them to get distracted when their parents asking them what they want to order. By having pictures in the menu, parents can easily explain the menu to their children, and their children also can be easily point at the menu that they want to eat. More attractive your kids menu, more chances your foods/drinks will be ordered. And you can put additional kids souvenir to tease them for ordering your special kids foods. And that is what McDonalds and KFC do to promote their foods.

This is a simple kids menu template where you can replace all dummy pictures inside table with your food or drink pictures. In the first table on the left side of the template, I created a kids package menu where you can put your kids package menu. You can menu name, description and price in that table. There are several menu tables that you can easily remove or duplicate to suit your menu needs.

If your restaurant also have adults meal, you can make separate menu cards, where you will display kids menu only when your visitors are family or kids.

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