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Wedding Menu Template for WordThese are several wedding menu templates that you can use for your wedding reception. It is created using Microsoft Word that will ease you to edit and create your own menu where you can fill it in with the courses you plan to serve at your reception. There are two menus in one letter-size page. When you plan to edit this menu, colorize the table border, so you can edit with line guidance, as you see in the menu at the right side. When you finished editing this menu, you can select the table and make table border disappeared by clicking the table ‘no border’ icon. You can change the wedding pictures, separation menu pictures, wedding icons by replacing with your own pictures or browsing in Microsoft Word Clip Arts.

This simple wedding menus can be aligned with any wedding theme or color scheme. You can use it to inspire your own food choices. And it can be used also for home cooked wedding dinners or catered affairs. When you finished creating your menu, you can print it on ivory card stock (one letter-size sheet yields two menus), and trim the cards to size using a ruler and craft knife for a precise cut. Try to print it with the letter-size paper first for final evaluation. And by creating your own menu, you will have some flexibilities on changing its content event when your D-day is within 24 hours. Just make sure that you have the ivory card, the computer and the printer that are in good condition :).

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