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School Daily Schedule Template for WordWhen we were at school, we were taught to be discipline. We had to go to school on time or the school gate will be closed and we will be punished for being late. We are given homeworks and our teachers will check it when it was due. And they will punish us who didn’t do the homeworks. Those kind of disciplines including with school neighborhood has formed us to become who we are now.

In order to stay discipline, you’d better have a school daily schedule worksheet that will always remind you about your daily activities. This is a school daily schedule template that will help you plan every part of your day, from the moment you wake up in the morning until to the moment you go to sleep at night. By making a daily schedule you will be able to take control of how you spend your time everyday. There are two daily schedule versions, the first template will have 15 minutes separation (6 – 16 or 6 am to 4 pm), and the second one will have 30 minutes separation (6 – 20 or 6 am to 8 pm). You can type your school activities in this sheet, from having breakfast, waiting in bus stop, attending class, football extras, etc. You can print it after you fill it or you can print it blank and make several copies where you can start to fill it manually. You can modify it to suit your daily activity patterns.

There are three additional columns, to-do column, homework column, and notes column where you can fill with related information on that day. Feel free to modify and make sure that you can commit with what you have written :).

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