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Car Price List Template for WordAre you a salesman? Maybe you feel like you always confused when must do presentation in front of the customer? Maybe you forget about the price of the product that you must sell? Or maybe you always confused when the customer try to bargain but you can find the exact price for them? Be careful, if this is happen your customer can leave you and your marketing will be decrease.

Here is a solution. Just write your price list in a paper that you always hold. But maybe it is not something simple to write it. Maybe you don’t have any time to write. Or maybe you feel like you can’t find the right way to write it simply. If you want to get the templates that can make you feel easy in work, just download and use simple templates below. So you don’t have to type it by yourself. This car price list template will allow you to put your own car picture (select the picture, delete and then insert a new picture). It is created using Microsoft Word table function. The rows under the picture can be filled with price information. You can adjust its columns and rows to make it fit with your car dealer style. You can also add a background or your car dealer logo as well.

If you are a salesman of the car company, either new car or used car this will be the right solution to you. This car price list template can make you feel easier to give the information to the customer about your car price that you must sell. This template could also be used as a boat or motorcycle price list. Just change the image and other information, and you could use it as other vehicle price list. Give it to your customer so they can learn it by themselves. The templates also can make the customer feel easier to get the information commonly about the prices.

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