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Hair Salon Price List Template for WordHair salon business is one of the rapidly growing industries today. And if you are having or planning a hair salon, you have to be aware about the competition. You have to maintain your service always at high level and watch your competitors every time.

Having a good service and price are two factors that usually affect your customer loyalty. But, you have to carefully set your hair salon price. It needs marketing thought to make your salon get enough profit to run that business. You should run the business plan to define your target market and calculate all salon outside and inside cost before set your price. Some of those factors are salon materials (shampoos, wax, etc), employees (stylist, hairdressers, etc), utilities, rent or mortgage payments and of course your net profit. And always see what your competitors doing on maintaining their customers and whether you plan to bring their customers to visit your salon. And you should also consider to have a commission schemes to your employees and salon gimmick to attract more visitors to come to your salon. Once you set your price, you can start to write those prices in a price list that you can put on reception desks or stick it on your glass windows or a place that can be easily read by people who pass your salon.

You can download and use these hair salon price list templates below to give you ideas on how to make a hair salon price list.  You can modify its layout, add pictures, change fonts, etc, to make it closer with your hair salon style.

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  Hair Salon Price List 2 (18.4 KiB, 8,774 hits)

  Hair Salon Price List 3 (88.9 KiB, 7,412 hits)

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