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Pre Wedding Photo Price List TemplateHaving a pre Wedding photo is becoming a common trend for a couple who wants to be married now. You can see plenty of those couples in wedding dresses are in action at famous landmarks in your city. These photos are usually will be shown in wedding reception as well as their house. It is a good market for wedding photographers, though.

If you are new in this business, you can start seeing your competitor package and price information that you can find in internet. And you can do some modification to suit your business. And if you want to speed up creating your business price, you can download this free template below.  The template is simple so that you only need to edit the title by adding your company name on it. “Price Valid Until” part is the date by the time you promise your customers that you will not change the price. The main part is of course, the price list. Since in pre wedding photo business you commonly offer packages, the Pre Wedding Photo Price List consists of tables of packages. You need to write down description of each package and make highlight on the advantages of the package. Then, fill the price at the bottom of each package. You may give possibility of custom order in case your customers have specific needs. Make sure that your clients can compare your price easily and remember to put your package strength so they will pick you over your competitors.

You can decorate your Pre Wedding photo price list to make it more attractive. Adding images, changing font type and color, changing borders, etc., would be great ideas. You can print it on cardstock or plain paper and then laminate it. You may also use it for your brochure and put it on your website for attachment downloading purposes.

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