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Donation Receipt Template for WordOne of social contribution from people is giving a donation to people who need it or to a foundation that manage it. Charity donation can be in any form, and cash and used goods are most common donation from people who make donation. This charitable donation receipt should be useful for keeping track of what people give for donation. It is also rewarding for the person who’s giving to take home some recognition, something for the tax files, or something as proof of their contribution.

There are 3 models available to be downloaded.

  Donation Receipt - Item Donation (50.0 KiB, 4,860 hits)

This charity donation receipt is suitable for a foundation that received item or goods donation. You can add your foundation logo and replace the words inside the bracket at the left side with your foundation information. This template is created to be printed with two receipts in one page in one letter size paper.

  Donation Receipt - Cash Donation (48.5 KiB, 4,930 hits)

  Donation Receipt - Cash Donation 2 (50.5 KiB, 3,004 hits)

There are two templates available for cash donation only receiptĀ  if you received cash donation only. The first one is a simple receipt where you can write any donation amount directly. The second one is a receipt where you can put a fixed amount of donation number where you just tick the donation amount from your donors. You can put your foundation name at the bottom row of each receipts. There three receipts per page that you can print in one letter size paper.

  Donation Receipt - Cash and Item Donation (52.0 KiB, 2,833 hits)

If your foundation receive cash and goods donation, you can use this template to prevent of writing two receipts for the same person.

You can apply your own fonts and themes to personalize them more or you can just use it directly without any modification.

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