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Rent Receipt Template for WordWhen you rent a house, a room, or an apartment, receiving a rent receipt should be a normal part of your transaction with your landlord. And keeping those rent receipt for some time in a protected place should be good to protect against accusations that your rent payment was never received or was not paid on time. Some landlords also ask you to sign rental agreement to remind both parties about their obligations in your rental period. While it may seem that your landlord is the businessperson in your relationship, as a good tenant, you also have business obligations. Since a lease is a contract, you must comply with the terms and pay your rent payment either monthly, quarterly, or yearly based on agreement between you and your landlord.

Paying your rent on time helps you to build good credit. And, neglecting to pay your rent will ruin your credit rating, making you a bad risk for creditors and landlords alike. In the event that you find yourself in the middle of a dispute with your landlord, or you find a mistake on your credit report, having a record of your rental payments will protect you. Copies of rent receipts and canceled checks prove what happened during your tenancy. Based on this information, you can defend against false charges by your landlord or have your credit report corrected.

If you are new in this rental business, or just have a few number of rooms or apartment to be rented, you can download this template to help you giving your customer a proof of payment. You don’t have to buy rent receipt book. Just download this template, modify it, print and make some copies of them. There are three receipt templates per page. You can fill the rent period with the name of the month, or just a period between some dates. This should be useful for tenant or people who plan to stay for a short time.

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