Club Membership Application Form

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Membership Registration Form TemplateBecoming a club member is a pride, especially if you join a high class club such as executive club, Dining club and many others. School students can also make a club such as cheerleader club, math club, football club and many others. Any clubs require Club Membership application form. The application form is needed to make sure that the applicants are suitable to the club vision and mission. A person with dancing interest is not suitable for a sport club and as the manager of a club, you need to screen such thing.

Club Membership application form is used to get all information that the manager of the club needs. If you are a club manager and you need to accept more members, you can get the membership application form from various media. You can also use graphic editing tools to help making the form or you can simply download it from the internet. The templates are already contain the fields you need such as name field, address field, interest field, and also photo field. One of sample template can be downloaded below. It is created using Microsoft Word where you can easily duplicate and customize it to meet your club style.

In this template, you can collect your member information as well as their membership level (if any), membership fee etc. You can add more information in this basic template as well as add your club logo and any important information that should be informed to your member.

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