Daily Cash Report

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Daily Cash ReportIf you own a store and are managing several employees as storekeepers, you might need this daily cash report template as report papers that needs to be reported every day. And depends on your standard operating procedures, you can ask all of your employees to sum their respective transactions at the end of their shift period or you can assign one employee to sum it at the end of the day.

Because typing it directly to a computer could take some time, you can start by ask them to write this in this template. In this basic form, inputs are differentiated with cash, bank transfer and cheque transactions. At the end of this one page report, you can record the amount of money that is deposited or keep as cash to be used in the next day. You can add more type of payments in this template. It is free to be modified to meet your report requirement. If you have an accounting employee, you can ask her to create one for you which should make easier to her to input it into her accounting report as a final report to you as the owner.

Printed and filled daily cash report can also be treated as document hardcopies if your financial transaction is being audited. Any mistakes can spotted and corrected quickly.

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