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Chronological Resume Template for WordThere are two most common resume format that you can follow when you create your own resume. Those are functional resume and chronological format.  A chronological resume is created by listing your work history in reverse chronological order with your current, or most recent job are written first. Your education, skills and other important information also written in reverse chronological order. This type of resume puts the focus on your previous work experience and the responsibilities you had while working there. It is based primarily on your work history and tells who, what, where, and when. Employers typically prefer this type of resume because it is easy to see your profile and work experience history.

This type of resume works well for job seekers with a strong, solid work history, had no time-gaps, and have not had numerous job changes. It is also suitable if you are looking for the same type of job or if you are looking a job in company that has the same business with your current company.

This is a word template that you can use to write your resume. There several styles available to be chosen. Eventhough there are several samples available in many sites in internet, you should start your resume using your own words. But, make sure you write in one page or maximum in two pages. You can change the font style and background colors of these templates. Goodluck.

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