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Sales Resume Template for WordA good Sales resume should impress people who read it. It has to be result-oriented and full with your contribution and achievements. And usually there is a highlighting words in that resume that should highlight your sales capabilities and value to potential employers. For example, you should highlight territory, budget, supervisory responsibilities etc. with a list of your top achievements. Since most of the companies consider their sales strategies and actual performance as confidential information, be careful not to include those confidential information.

Some of factors that employers usually see in sales resume are :

  • Your sales role, as a sales leader, project negotiation leader
  • Sales expertise contribution to those companies
  • Sales achievement figures (amount or a percentage increase) including assigned sales target
  • Any awards or honors earned.
  • Involvement in product development or a new product launch that has created more revenue

There are many sites that you can find more information on creating a good sales resume. This sales resume template below is not containing a sample sales achievements words. It is just a template that has additional sales related pictures before its category title that should catch your employers eye when they filter resumes in the beginning.

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