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Training Schedule Template for WordTraining has already become some necessities for many people. Some people needs training to improve their skills. For example, language training for people who plan to live outside their countries or for students who plan to continue their school outside their countries. Some companies held a training session to familiarize their system or products to their new employees. For example new engineers needs training to understand how the machine works, or new sales and marketing needs training to understand the products they try to sell. It could be held for several hours, several days or several months, depends on the complexity that people will face after completing their training.

This is a simple training schedule template that can be used if you or your company plan to conduct one day training. You can put your training time period, training item and trainer name in this template. If there is only one trainer, you can delete the third column and put the trainer name on top of the table. Feel free to customize it.

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