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Bake Sale Sign TemplateBake Sale sign is going to attract lots of people when it is used. You will need it for sure if you plan to sell your home made bakery for your fundraising purposes. As we know, people love bakery and when there is a bake sale, who wouldn’t come to the bakery? That is why when you are running a bakery and you are having a bake sale soon, you need to prepare the bake sale sign as soon as possible so that by the time the bake sale is coming, your customers will be already lining in front of the bakery.

A good bake sale sign should be able to attract many customers into the bakery to get some delicious bread, cake, and cookies. That is why a good bake sale sign must be:
1. Completed by bold and clear letters so that the customers can read the sign clearly even though it is from distance.
2. Completed by popping colors that will catch the attention of the customers such as soft blue or pink. If it is just a boring black and white, the customers wouldn’t even want to look.
3. Completed by illustrations such as a picture of banana bread, donut, or cupcake. Or any kind of illustrations. It will attract the customers visually and you can always get a nicer sign with picture or illustration, right?
4. Completed by quite big size. If the sign is tiny, it will be unreadable. Beside, a small sign will not be noticeable at all.

You need to attach the bake sale sign on your bakery door or anywhere where your customer can easily it see it when:
1. It is a day or two from the day of the bake sale. Make small notes under the sign to give the actual date of the bake sale for your customers.
2. It is the end of the day and your bakery is almost close. Do not let the bread and cookies get wasted, sell them by making a last minute bake sale.

Is it Really Important to Have Bake Sale Sign? Of course it is. Without the sign, no one will notice that you are having a bake sale. Remember, having a bake sale is not something easy to do because it needs a lot of preparations. So, if you do not want to add more jobs for you to make the bake sale sign, you can simply looking for the bake sale sign template. Below are several samples you can use as references to create your own. It would be better if you can have your own picture and, you know, your picture should tell a lot about your bakery and it should make your customer stop by and buy yours.

  Bake Sale Sign (309.8 KiB, 324 hits)

  Bake Sale Sign Model 2 (433.9 KiB, 279 hits)

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