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Emergency Exit Sign TemplateEmergency Exit door is a must in every building, especially high rise building. Common buildings where you might find these doors are office buildings, apartments, hotels and hospitals. Most of them will lead you to stairs to the ground of its building. Why stairs? Because when something happens, like earthquake or fire, it is safer to use stairs instead of escalator or elevator. Most of electricity will be turned off which will make them unusable and to prevent any accidents when you are using them.

As part of having those emergency exit doors, building management people must put emergency exit sign on respective doors and on the wall in the area where people can easily see it when disaster come.

These emergency exit sign templates are free and you can modify it to meet your own style. You might need this templates if you are short of official emergency exit signs and you want to put it as soon as possible as a temporary solution before replacing with the official one later. For example, you are opening a new hospitals or a new hotels where you miscalculate number of signs that need to be put or you just need extra signs to be put in area that you were not planning it in the beginning. You might also find that this Microsoft Word templates are cheaper solutions as well. You can select one of the design below, make a minor modification, print in a photo paper, laminate them and you don’t have to think about order and buy from sign printing companies.

Emergency Exit Sign with Words only

There are only words in this templates. You can modify the words with your own.

  Emergency Exit Sign (16.1 KiB, 456 hits)

  Emergency Exit Sign Model 2 (16.1 KiB, 385 hits)

  Emergency Exit Sign Model 3 (16.1 KiB, 361 hits)

  Emergency Exit Sign Model 4 (16.1 KiB, 342 hits)

Emergency Exit Sign with Words only for Dual Language

You can change either the top or bottom words with other language with the same meaning.

  Emergency Exit Sign Model 7 (16.5 KiB, 356 hits)

Emergency Exit Sign with Arrows Pictures

  Emergency Exit Sign Model 5 (19.3 KiB, 355 hits)

  Emergency Exit Sign Model 6 (19.3 KiB, 342 hits)

Emergency Exit Sign with People Pictures

These templates will have general people image like you see in the image above.

  Emergency Exit Sign Model 8 (53.1 KiB, 352 hits)

  Emergency Exit Sign Model 9 (53.1 KiB, 360 hits)

All templates above are free and editable.

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