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No Smoking Sign TemplateNowadays smoking are only allowed in specific areas in many countries. You will be fine or get caught by police if you smoke in prohibited area where usually you will see smoking signs there. Due to people behavior where they will smoke if they don’t see respective signs, it is recommended for any building/office management people to put No Smoking signs in any areas where people are not allowed to smoke. It should also protect you not to be fined by your government because of area violation. As you know, several countries are applying huge fines to either people or companies who violate those Smoking rules.

If you need these No Smoking signs quickly, where it will take some time to order to signage companies, you can use other alternatives, like printing the sign by yourself. It doesn’t require advanced skill to do it. It needs a basic knowledge of using Microsoft Word only. And a good printer to print the sign in a photo paper as well. It is created with letter size paper as its reference. you can customize its size to fit the area where you plan to put it.

Download these No Smoking sign templates below to start edit and customize it to meet your requirement. It will become a cheap solution if you want to put as many signs in many areas in your building/offices. And if you think a printed signage from signage printing company is better, you can use this sign as a temporary solution.

  No Smoking Sign (74.4 KiB, 737 hits)

  No Smoking Sign Model 2 (74.4 KiB, 603 hits)

  No Smoking Sign Model 3 (74.4 KiB, 554 hits)

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