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Now Hiring Sign TemplateNow Hiring sign is a sign placed by a business entity, usually stores/restaurants, to inform people who pass the store that they are in need of new employees. If you see a “Now Hiring” sign in front of any stores/restaurants, and you are looking for a job, you could try to submit your resume and get the opportunities for an interview. Most common positions are store keepers and waiters/waitress. These are kind of jobs that might fit if you are students and looking for part time jobs to get additional income.

If you are stores/restaurant owners and looking a quick and simple way to inform people about your vacant position, you can try to use these templates. As long as you have a computer and printer, you can easily customize and print it and then put it in front of your place in no time. There are models with “Now Hiring” word only and with additional words like “apply today” below it. And you can put also your company name/logo above it. You might do that if you want to put your this job vacant sign outside your places. You can add other attractive words to invite more people to submit their application, for example “big commission” as well.

These signs are fit with plenty of business models who think that putting “Now Hiring” sign in their business location are more effective to get new employees quickly rather than advertise it in newspapers. It depends on their business nature though.

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