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Out of Order Sign TemplateOut of order sign template is always needed to help people noticing that something is not working. When you are waiting to use the elevator or something, you will suddenly change your mind when you look at the out of order sign, right? Yes, that kind of sign is indicating that the elevator is not working and you need that kind of sign everyday in your life. Not just for the elevator of course, but the out of order sign is also needed for many other broken stuff. Without that, everyone will be tricked to use the broken machinery or equipment even though they are not working at all. That is why you need to get the out of order sign if you find out something is not working properly.

Out of order sign is basically used to mark everything that is not working. Other similar sign you might see is Out of Service sign. However, the most common places you will find this sign is in:
1. Elevator. Broken elevator is not something unusual and it happens every day. That is why you usually see the out of order sign on the door of broken elevator. It is clearly telling you to stay away from the elevator and use the stair instead.
2. Printing machine. If a printing machine is broken, usually out of order sign is placed as soon as possible to avoid outraged employees who are frustrated because the machine does not work at all.
3. Rides. When you are in an amusement park and you want to get into a ride, you will notice that if there is an out of order sign on the ride, the ride is closed and you cannot play with it for sure.

What color should an Out of Order sign use? The colors must be bold. It can be any colors, but most common ones are yellow and red.

Can I Make My Own Out of Order or Out of Service Sign?
Out of order sign is basically can be made by yourself. It depends on you whether you want your creation to be used as temporary or permanent solution. It should be cheaper than buy it from printing companies. However, you must be sure that the sign is written clearly and have the bold sign such as a red cross or something on it so that everyone can understand really easily that it means “this thing does not work”. However, to save your time, you can download some samples of Out of Order and Out of Service signs below. You don’t have to start from the scratch, just personalize it.

Out of Order sign templates :

  Out of Order Sign (16.2 KiB, 1,034 hits)

Out of Service sign templates :

There are 4 models you can see and select to be personalized.

Out of Service Sign Template

  Out of Service Sign (16.4 KiB, 1,500 hits)

  Out of Service Sign Model 2 (16.5 KiB, 1,163 hits)

  Out of Service Sign Model 3 (16.5 KiB, 946 hits)

  Out of Service Sign Model 4 (16.8 KiB, 1,014 hits)

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