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Reserved Sign TemplateReserved signs are common signs you will see in parking areas and restaurants. When you see this sign, you are not allowed to take the reserved parking space or sit at restaurant reserved table. Other places where you can see this sign is at Wedding Reception where Wedding Organizer reserves certain tables for important guests or wedding couple’s families.

There is no specific rule to design this reserved sign. It just needs to be read clearly and has a nice background to suit the area/event. You can purchase ready-made signs for your needs, but having a custom one should give you more benefits.

This reserved sign template should suit your needs. It is created using Microsoft Word where you can easily modify its layout and words. You can use it for any reservation purposes. All you have to do just personalize it, for example, if you want to customize it for your restaurant, you can use a plain reserved sign template, add your restaurant logo/style and put a number in it. If you want to use it for your wedding, you can add wedding style background and put married couple name on top of reserved word before you print it. It just needs basic knowledge of Microsoft Word where every body can do it.

To prevent this printed sign from being torn or wet, you can print it in photo paper and laminate it. And you can allocate them in one drawer and use it every time you need it.

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