Dart Score Sheet Template

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Dart Score Sheet TemplateThis is a blank Dart Score Sheet Template you can use to put player’s scores while participating in tournaments. It could be used in friendly match as well. The dart tournament or league game has an officially score sheet template. However, it needs some explanation how to fill the sheet.

How to fill the dart score sheet template?

  • First, put the player’s name in left column.
  • There is 9 innings in columns after name columns. For the first inning, score keeper simply put the points that announced.
  • From second innings to ninth innings, the score boxes are cut by diagonal line. First section to put the points in that inning, and second section to put the total points of running innings. In this way, score keeper could track what points every player shot in every inning. Score keeper also has second set number if he wants to double check the points.

In the larger tournament, usually there are triple copies of score sheet. Each team gets one copy of score sheet and the last copy for tournament director.

How to score in the dart tournament to put in dart score sheet template? Dart board has segments and numbers also has outer and inner rings area. Here are the rules to score dart games.

  1. Dart that landing in number segment, score like number it landed. Example, dart is landing in number 20 segments, means the player gets the points of 20.
  2. Dart that landing in the “non-ringed” area had score like number that shown outside of the segments. It is called single scores.
  3. The outer ring counts double of normal scores, and the score is written with D. It is called The Double Ring.
  4. The inner ring counts triple of normal scores, and the score is written with T. It is called The Triple Ring.
  5. The outer bull scores 25 points.
  6. The inner bull scores 50 points.
  7. Any dart that fall out before it is collected by player, scores nothing.
  8. Dart only scored if it is touching or embedding in surface of dart board.
  9. The score keeper of dart tournament must have an ability to multiply, add and subtract points.

What is the most common game to be played in dart board? The most standard game that usually played is game 501. The beginning points is 501, and each player take turn throw three darts and their goals is reduce the points 501 to zero as quick as possible. The last dart usually aims to land in bull eyes or double ring. However, there are more variants of game that are created from all over the world.

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