Tournament Single Elimination Bracket

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Single Elimination Bracket Template - Round of 16These are ready-to-use tournament single elimination brackets created in Microsoft Word. You may find it useful if you plan to organize a small tournament and just need a blank bracket to be printed where you can put participant names manually. There are three available models you can choose, round of 32, round of 16 and round of 8 models.

Since they are designed in Microsoft Word, you can adjust its columns and change bracket colors by yourself. If you are looking for a more advanced one with automatic tournament arrangement, you can try the excel version. If you get used to Word version, you must type define and type all pairing names by yourself. It is not that complicated though. If you don’t have any seeded needs to be put on specific bracket, you can just create a drawing for your participants. Just type all of player’s names and numbers and then place those names and numbers in separate bowl. Then you can pick one name and one number from those bowls and place name that revealed in respective bracket. Repeat this step until all brackets are filled.

If you apply seeded system, you can put the first seeded on top of the bracket (bracket number 1) and the second seeded at the bottom of the bracket (last bracket, either 8, 16 or 32). Put 3rd seeded on bracket no 4 (round of 8), no 8 (round of 16), and no 16 (round of 32). Then put 4rd seeded on bracket no 5 (round of 8), no 9 (round of 16), and no17 (round of32). I think you already got the idea. You can continue this method until all brackets are completed.

All files except one are designed with one single score box. If you organize tournament like tennis, badminton, volley ball, table tennis, where they need more than one score boxes, you need to modify the bracket to fit your needs. If you organize soccer or futsal tournament, you can use these templates directly.

Here are all the single elimination bracket files that you can download.

  Tournament Bracket - Single Elimination - Round of 8 (21.1 KiB, 265 hits)

  Tournament Bracket - Single Elimination - Round of 8 - 3 Score Boxes (22.1 KiB, 211 hits)

  Tournament Bracket - Single Elimination - Round of 16 (23.9 KiB, 260 hits)

  Tournament Bracket - Single Elimination - Round of 32 (29.9 KiB, 251 hits)

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