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Consignment Agreement SampleConsignment contract is the document that will be used by the consignor and consignee. This document contains the agreement of a party to sell their products or certain merchandise through another party. So, both of them need this document to take and sign some agreements to put both parties interests on paper.

Who Should Use Consignment Agreement Document?
You will use this document if:
•    You run the business for selling someone’s merchandise product.
•    You ask someone to sell your products on behalf.

Why Should Use This Template?
It is important for you to make and sign this document. Besides setting up the procedures or rules of your partnership business, it also will be about the duties and financial details. Besides that, both of them can avoid the dispute case during running this business. As a result, there are no disadvantages between two parties.

What Will Be on Consignment Agreement?
To create this document, you have to put several important items as follows:
•    The parties’ data including name, address, phone number, and also your partnership business star date.
•    Both of parties’ duties during business.
•    Description of partner contributions.
•    Agreed profit shares.
•    The certain rules for your business.
•    Reporting method
•    Who will take the responsibility for day by day of this business?
•    The certain dates to have a routine meeting.

Dissolving the Consignment
This is also another important part of your document. It is so recommended to be put on consignment agreement document. This part contains how to handle if there is any planning to dissolve the partnership business between the consignor and consignee. You also can note some notices what some factors that can make the consignment dissolution.

Besides that, you also can mention how to divide the profits after taking dissolution. So, there will be no lost parties. Last, if you want to add some additional agreement, you also can put it on this template. For example, you want to mention the next business plan if your consignment developed faster. Finally, this consignment template is easy to make. Besides flexible, it also can be divided on some paragraphs that you wish.

You can still add more important things inside your consignment agreement. You can download this free template below as a reference to create your own. But, having a corporate lawyer or asking legal people to create one would be better to make sure that you don’t miss any item which could become a dispute after the consignment contract has been signed.

  Consigment Agreement Template (17.9 KiB, 661 hits)

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