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Supplier Registration Form TemplateSupplier registration form is a form to collect new supplier information as part of administrative requirement to become a supplier in particular companies. Terms and conditions should be different among different companies. But, the aim is the same. This data should confirm them that they are working with trusted companies. This form can be applied to many types of suppliers. By having your suppliers registered, it will be easy for you to pull any needed information if any disputes arises. And you can control them based on those information as well.

There are three big parts you can fill in this form, the first part is general information part to collect supplier important information such as name, address and contact number.

The second part is a part to collect copies of supplier legal documents, such as :

  • Deed of Establishment (AoA) and its latest amendment
  • Ministry Decree of approval on the AoA and its latest amendment
  • Latest amendment of AOA which accommodate latest BOD & BOC composition along with the Ministry Acceptance
  • State Gazette Publication
  • Company Register Number
  • Tax Registration Number
  • Business License
  • Letter of Domicile
  • Other Licenses
  • ID Card of Authorized Person
  • Bank Information

You can check any submitted documents. And you can edit required documents with your company’s requirement.

The last part is signature areas where authorized supplier representative has to declare that all information is true and sign. Feel free to edit this Supplier registration form since all parts are fully editable and just need Microsoft Word to edit it.

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