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Cover Letter Template - Bank TellerBank teller is a bank employee that handles the financial stuff of public’s directly. Their main tasks are usually accepting as well as deposit money from customers. They also have to record money transaction which is convenient with the rules of the institution. In order to get hired for this job, we are required to have several skills. First, we must communicate effectively either with employer, co-workers, or customers. Second, we must learn about new rules from the related company about money transaction. Third, we have to be accurate on numbers. Last, we must keep important and record important data.

The skills we mentioned before are certainly crucial to have as well as be written on our bank teller cover letter. There are some other information we must put as well. Here is the example of it.

Dear Mr. Brown,

In accordance with the information I got from my college, your company opens a job application of bank teller. As a highly skilled bank teller, I am interested in filling that position.

I have the degree of Accounting in the University of Auckland, New Zealand. In addition, for the past four years, I have worked for two private banks. In these two jobs, I was responsible for helping customers, marketing, and taking care of cash in a good balance. I have attached my resume so you will see how these companies have turned me into a qualified bank teller.

With all experiences I have, I know how to serve customers very well and efficiently. I also have the skill in persuading, promoting, and selling products of banking. My computer skill is good enough to process transaction data. I believe all my experiences and skills are well suited with your company. I am available for any tests or interviews at any time. I will wait for your response toward my application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


In this bank teller cover letter, we mentioned about working with other banks before. If we never work for a bank, we can replace it with any experiences we got as long as it is related with cash handling. As an example, we used to work as an accountant of a company. Furthermore, remember to include any skills of financial term you have there. The ability of using computer as well as Microsoft Office Suite can be added too, since this skill is often needed for banking.

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