Training Certificate of Completion

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Training Certificate of Completion Template for WordAs an employee or college student, it is common to receive a training completion certificate at the end of any seminar or workshop. Those certificates are issued to prove that you are capable of doing the job that has been trained or to prove that you have knowledge that you need to do your job. And it should increase your value when you plan to find a new job. Especially when the seminar or workshop is related with your new job.

To create a training certificate of completion is easy. If you organized seminar or workshop frequently, you should already have the templates. But, if you are new on this business or you want to change your certificate layouts you can download these training certificate of completions below. They are created using Microsoft Word. You can modify its border by selecting from various Microsoft Word page borders and set its properties. You can also adjust its fonts from fonts menu and put your company logo in it. Because it will represent your company image, try to find some layout references from internet to make sure that your certificate have a good layout compare with others.

  Training Certificate of Completion 1 (22.2 KiB, 7,810 hits)

  Training Certificate of Completion 2 (21.9 KiB, 5,245 hits)

  Training Certificate of Completion 3 (20.4 KiB, 4,095 hits)

  Training Certificate of Completion 4 (20.5 KiB, 4,100 hits)

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