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Eye Chart TemplateAn eye chart, also referred to as Snellen chart after Hermann Snellen who invented it in 1862, is a chart used to test visual acuity. An eye chart consists of rows of letters that begin with one big letter on the topmost row. Lower rows contain more letters with increasingly smaller size. People who undergo the test are requested to stand six feet in front of the chart and to read each single letter on the chart. Their visual acuity is determined by the smallest letter on the chart that they can read. The letters printed on the chart are not necessarily the same and although the chart generally uses white background with black letters printed on it, a variation with the combination of black background and white letter can also be used.

This eye chart is a simple template that can be used to create an eye chart. Because an eye chart has already had a determined size for the chart and its letters, the template can be printed immediately with very minimal modification. Its page size doesn’t need to be modified and its letters have already had their perfect size. Changing of letters is possible whenever necessary. Given that it is a Microsoft Word template, modification of it should be a quick, easy and hassle-free task.

Do I Need This Eye Chart Template ?
An eye chart is an important tool for all professionals who are dealing with eye problem. You will need this template if:
1. You are an eye professional who needs to assess the condition of your patients’ eyes.
2. You are an optometrist who examines eyes and prescribes and supplies glasses and contact lenses to your patients and customers.
3. You are an individual who is aware of the health of your eyes. Eye chart test is easy to perform and you don’t have to be a professional in order to know how to undergo the test. If you have an eye chart, you can always test your visual acuity on your own. By conducting the test on your eyes, you can know the overall condition of your eyes and the right time to consult an eye specialist.

What Does the Eye Chart Template Contain?
This eye chart consists primarily of white background with a set of letters printed on it. The letters can be modified according to Snellen’s principle or that of Sloan. Custom letters or rotated E letters for people who cannot read can also be used in the template.

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