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KWL Chart TemplateKWL chart allows both teachers and students to systematize the learning process so that they can achieve the goal of such process more effectively and efficiently. KWL is an acronym of Know, Want to Learn, and Learned. This chart allows students to list everything that they have already known about a particular topic when carrying out a certain research, what they want to learn through such research, and—when the research concludes—what they ultimately learn from it. The chart is beneficial for students because it systematizes their learning and for teachers because by using the chart, they can monitor their students’ development in learning more effectively and efficiently.

This KWL chart template is intended to be an easy and familiar tool for both teachers and students to prepare a KWL chart. Although the chart basically consists of three columns, which are easy to create using a word processor or a spreadsheet program, the chart will be much easier and quicker to create if a KWL chart template is used. This template is particularly useful for students who have just learned to use a computer to create the chart.

As a handy tool for creating a KWL chart, this template will be useful for everyone who needs to create the chart regularly. You will need this template if:
1. You are a student who needs the chart to organize your study or research.
2. You are a teacher who wants to have your students use this chart so as to allow you to monitor their development.
3. You are a researcher who needs a simple chart to outline your research and the goal that you want to achieve from it.

Despite its enormous functionality, a KWL chart actually has a design that is so simple that it only consists of the following elements.
1. An empty field on the top of the page where the name of the chart’s user and the date of the research can be written down
2. A field fillable with the topic of the research
3. A table consisting of three columns: what I know column, what I want to know column, and what I learned column

By using KWL chart in the start and the end of a lesson or a research, both students and teachers can make sure that they have a clear vision of what they actually do in the class.

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