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Roman Numerals Chart Template WordRoman Numerals Chart or table, is a chart through which you can see the conversion of cardinal number into Roman numeric system. These days, Roman Numerals system is often used as one of lesson materials since the students are in elementary. By having this kind of chart, the students will be able to study as well as memorize Roman numbers more easily.

The term ‘Roman Numerals Chart’ is directly taken from the type of number used in the chart: Roman numeric-system; people are still using it in their daily life.  As we know, it makes use of letters taken from Latin alphabet, instead of ‘normal’ number we have today, to be a sign of the value.

The form of Roman Numerals Chart is like the other table. There are some columns and rows; which number depends on the coverage of the numerals.

How to Use Roman Numerals Chart

In order that we can use Roman Numerals Chart in the right way, we have to understand and remember the basic principle of it. There are seven basic symbols in Roman numeric system which is used and combined to convert or signify the value of cardinal number:

  • the letter ‘I’ to symbolize 1,
  • the letter ‘V’ for 5,
  • the letter ‘X’ to signify 10,
  • the letter ‘L’ dedicated to 50,
  • the letter ‘C’ to replace 100,
  • the letter ‘D’ for 500, and
  • the letter ‘M’ for 1000.

The Roman numbers are formed by combining two or more symbols together; to represent the value. For example, if you want to convert the value of ‘2013’, you will need to see the numeral for 1000, 10, and 1. The Roman number for 2013 is then MMXIII. In Roman Numerals Chart, you only need to see the corresponding Roman and cardinal number. You cannot find any zero system; meaning that you cannot convert ‘0’ into Roman numeral system.

Here is the template.


  Roman Numerals Chart Template (22.1 KiB, 262 hits)

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