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Timeline Template for WordA timeline is a diagram that displays the chronological order of various events. A timeline can be used to see how those events take place at certain points in a time frame. A timeline is like a long ruler with units of length marked on it. The distance between one unit and the next one is always the same and is determined by the time scale used in the timeline. The time scale used may vary. One unit in the timeline may represent either a minute or a year. In the timeline of the history of the Ancient Rome, a unit may represent a year or a century. In the timeline of certain significant events that occur briefly, such as Nepal earthquake, a unit in the timeline may represent a minute.

Timeline template can be prepared using various programs, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and dedicated timeline programs. This timeline template is specifically designed for use with Microsoft Word as well as other word-processing programs. For people who use the timeline as a supplement for their essay, which they write using a word-processing program, this Word template is the most suitable template to use. By using this template, a timeline within a Word document can be created quickly and easily.

Do I Need This Timeline Template?
You will need this template if:
1. You are a learner of historical studies who have to create a timeline of certain events in history.
2. You are a scientist who has to record chronologically every stage of your scientific research.
3. You are a project manager who has to schedule every task in your project using a timeline.

What Does This Timeline Template Contain?
It contains empty boxes that are ready to be personalized with your information. There are a long bar in the middle of the template where you can put your year or any time references and text boxes at the top and bottom of the template with lines connected those boxes to respective years/time. There are 3 models, and you are free to add or cut unnecessary bar, lines and text boxes. Do not forget to re-check it after you finish with your customization.

Why Is This Timeline Template Useful?
A timeline makes history and the flow of events easier to understand, thanks to its lucid and simple design. By using this template, a timeline can be made in no time. This is why this template is considered useful.

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